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Google Cloud Migration

The Cloud empowers businesses big and small to quickly adapt to change. In the traditional self-owned data centres housing your infrastructure you had to incur a huge upfront CAPEX cost. Then you had to hire server engineers to design, configure and deploy the infrastructure. This process could take months to complete. Long expensive lead times before your first application is deployed and before you land your first client. In the beginning, you tend to overspend, over provision to cater for the unknown and when you reach your hardware limits or their warranty expires, you need to go through this exercise again.

Welcome to the cloud, a place where you pay for what you need, what you want and what you use. The cloud offers flexibility that traditional data centres could only dream of offering. The cloud lets you scale up or down your requirements on the fly, with no lengthy waiting periods where you are paying for resources you don’t need or periods of time where you cannot service your client requests adequately.

Google Cloud Platform is one of the biggest fastest-growing public cloud providers in the world. For the last 2 years running, they have experienced north of 80% year on year growth.

Deimos is one of the biggest Google Cloud Partners in Africa. Backed by Google Technical Team and led by our Google Cloud Architects we are well-positioned to assist you in your cloud journey no matter where you are.


How we can help you

In the world of cloud migrations, there are heroes and there are imposters. A lift-and-shift migration is definitely the latter.With the lift and shift approach you tend to lift your tech debt with you, your on-premise limitation and are unable to take advantage of what your cloud provider has to offer. Yielding the cons of both without the pros of either.

At Deimos, we do cloud migration the right way. The only way we know how to; centred around a Cloud-Native and Cloud first approaches.

Our architects seek understanding of your application and business requirements before migrating your workloads. We take advantage of knowledge sharing sessions in the form of technical workshops and demos. Adopting the DevOps culture of learning, sharing and automation we help our client adopt a Cloud Native culture.

Our cloud migrations are not only focussed on flexibility, and performance, but also on operational excellence and cost effectiveness. Via our partnership with Google, we can not only provide you with the best of the cloud, but we can provide it to you at a great price through the usage of commitment discounts.


How we do it best

Deimos is a Cloud First, Cloud Native company. Our engineers are cloud architects with decades of experience and a deep understanding of cloud service offerings which allows us to design a bespoke solution for you.

While some companies might be able to offer you support when it comes to migrating your workloads to the cloud we are able to help you modernise your workloads before going to the cloud. We will help you transition to a Cloud Native culture before your first workload spins up in the cloud. We make sure that the industry standards and best practices are implemented while catering for observability and security from the start.


Why we’re the best fit for your business

Deimos was born with it’s head in the cloud. We design all our solutions to be cloud-first, following cloud first design patterns, with security and cost at the front of the mind.

No matter how you choose to engage with us, we will also aim for collaboration. We believe in educating, training and mentoring all team members, whether they are our own, or our clients’.

Our team is made up of individuals with years of experience with highly scalable, distributed systems, built and deployed using Cloud-Native patterns and principles.


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