Application Modernisation

We use modern, cloud-first architectures to deliver performant, reliable & secure applications consistently.

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Application Modernisation

The cloud offers a plethora of opportunities for innovation, security and cost effectiveness. It offers a large ecosystem that can be tapped into for building cutting edge, scalable applications that are cost effective.

These benefits are not limited to newly built applications, existing applications can also benefit from the many advantages of the cloud. Application modernization includes, amongst others, breaking monolithic systems into micro-services, which in turn allows for more flexibility and rapid innovation, leveraging containers and modern CI/CD approaches for developing applications quickly with an emphasis on getting business value as quickly as possible.


How we can help you

Our application modernisation offering includes discoveries, technology reviews, designing application architecture and also consulting.

We start with understanding your requirements, business & systems, then we work with you to review your technology strategy. We have a stable of battle-tested, certified, cloud-native subject matter experts on most aspects of an application allowing us to provide solutions across every layer of the application stack. Our team works seamlessly with your existing team providing advisory and/or hands-on coding inputs to the process.


How we do it best

Our approach to application modernisation starts with a discovery phase to evaluate your current architecture, understand your needs and how you would like to evolve. We take all these and work with you to define and document the architectural principles which would guide the modernisation process.

We are big proponents of evolutionary architecture as we understand that requirements and needs would continue to evolve in response to many factors, hence we bake that into the process favouring approaches and tools that allow maximum benefits while not becoming choke points.

We evaluate the best approaches & technology that is aligned with the guiding architectural principles and use the output of this in designing the high-level application architecture.

Deimos heavily prioritises collaboration during this entire process. We don’t “throw architecture over the wall” but our team of seasoned architects collaborate closely with your team every step of the way making the entire process transparent. Together, we build an architecture that is uniquely yours. It is also extremely important to us that your day to day business activities aren’t negatively impacted during the modernisation process so we take extra steps to ensure that business as usual isn’t impacted too much during the process.


Why we’re the best fit for your business

We are a cloud-native company with a lot of experience in transforming, building and maintaining modern, cost-effective applications with an emphasis on security from the very beginning. We prioritize robust observability to ensure there is always insight into application behaviour.

We prioritize delivering value above all else, helping keep your stakeholders in the loop and demonstrating the returns of the process to them. We collaborate closely with your teams and we believe in educating everyone on the team ensuring that our clients can own the built solutions and not have to rely infinitely on Deimos.


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