Platform Modernisation

Upgrade your legacy software and/or infrastructure to the best modern standards.

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Platform Modernisation

Platform modernization is the process of converting legacy software and/or infrastructure to modern equivalents helping improve innovation, performance and cost. This may involve migrating on-premise workloads to the cloud, rewriting legacy applications or modernising the infrastructure the workloads are deployed to.

Benefits of platform modernisation include helping organizations unlock value and innovation by helping engineering teams work faster, applications run faster and extend the value of legacy investment.

When done right, a modernisation exercise could yield a reduction in operational costs.


How we get rid of that monolith

Understanding how you work

At Deimos, we start with understanding how your applications and organization work with a useful tool in this process called a discovery which is a process that allows us to gain insight into how these are structured.

Design according to Google’s Framework

We design solutions according to Google’s Cloud Architecture Framework – prioritizing performance, reliability, cost-effectiveness, security and operational excellence. We adopt an evolutionary architecture that supports incremental changes allowing for minimal disruptions in your day to day while setting you up for success long term.

Value above all else

Above all, we focus on what matters – value – we work with you to define clear deliverables & goals for the exercise and tailor our approach accordingly based on what is most important to you. We then focus on delivering that value as soon as possible while keeping your team in the loop, helping educate them in the process.


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We’re the best fit for your business

A top class engineering team

At Deimos, our engineering team is top class with great knowledge and experience across both legacy and modern systems. We prioritise strong architecture patterns and while we have a stable toolkit of tools for building & maintaining both infrastructure and applications, we continually invest in research allowing us to continually improve and innovate taking them a step beyond

We just fit in!

We focus on what matters most to you and aim to deliver value as quickly as possible. We employ engineering practices that are designed to deliver minimal disruptions to your daily activities.

Collaboration at the core!

Collaboration is an integral part of how we work and we ensure we work as closely as possible with you to tailor both the solution and our way of working to your organization. We work with, involve and educate your engineering team during the process making sure every step of the way is properly documented for your reference.

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