Architecture Assessment

Let us validates your system designs and architecture against industry best practices to ensure scalability, security, reliability and cost-effectiveness.

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Architecture Assessment

In today’s times, the path to success is always tied to your successful usage of technology.
Applying technology at scale is a difficult task with many pitfalls and risks. Software engineering at scale is difficult.
Building technology solutions that are scalable, highly available, cost-effective, and operationally excellent is not trivial. Many have tried and failed, including us. Sometimes, it is best to ask for help, even if it is just to verify that you are heading in the right direction.
Deimos offers flexible engagements designed around understanding and guiding your technology teams. This engagement is approached with the idea of providing you with valuable feedback and direction on how to improve your architecture and ensure it is scalable, cost-effective, secure, and production-ready.


How we can help you

Deimos offers you peace of mind in the form of an Architecture Assessment. The assessment is focused on identifying areas for improvement with the end goal of enabling and empowering your team.

Our assessments are broken down into 3 simple steps; Discover, Evaluate, Review.


Allow us to spend time with your team to gather as much information as possible. We are unable to provide advice on something we don’t quite understand. It is thus important for us to gain a good understanding of all technologies, tools, processes and pain points at play in your company.


What is understanding without action? During the evaluation phase, we look at all the data we have gathered and start noting recommendations, improvements and concerns.

It is no secret that Deimos loves Google. We thus stake inspiration from Google’s Well-Architecture Framework. Focussing our assessment on System design, operational excellence, reliability, cost optimisation, performance, security, privacy and compliance.


We hate working in isolation; #silosmustfall! Instead, we collaborate closely with all stakeholders and sponsors to ensure a broad understanding of all decisions, the technologies, techniques and patterns are recommended.

During the review phase of an Architecture Assessment, we run your team through a draft report outlining our findings, recommendations and concerns.

This phase, much like the discovery phase, is meant to be highly collaborative.


What you’ll see from us

So where exactly is the value in an Architectural Assessment? Well, at the end of the assessment, we will provide you with an official Architecture Report that will magically solve all your problems. Okay, not necessarily, but it will outline our findings from the engagement. The report will highlight the strengths, weaknesses, and nice-to-haves for your architecture.
Don’t worry, we won’t just throw a report at you. We believe in educating, training and mentoring all team members, whether they belong to Deimos or the client. We will ensure your team understands our suggestions and will engage in healthy debate to ensure that value is delivered to your team.


What we need from you

We can’t do this on our own. It is thus important for your software engineers, and architects to be available to us for the span of the evaluation. Don’t worry, we won’t take up all there time and we will provide you with a guideline of the various topics that will be up for discussion. We will require access to your monitoring tools, logs, database, and, of course, your source code.
Some form of documentation will help us establish context early on in the engagement, thus allowing us to further optimise for value.


Why we’re the best fit for your business

At Deimos, we focus on delivering value above all else. This reflects in our assessments and everything else we do.

We are strong believers in collaboration and setting our clients’ teams up for success. We always encourage collaboration in order to ensure your team(s) are able to completely own the solutions and architecture proposed. We are in no way trying to lock you in.

Finally, our team is tailored for designing, implementing and maintaining scalable, distributed systems architectures. With experience from fintech, e-commerce, video streaming, warehouse management and much more.


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