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Cloud-native software engineering

Cloud-native engineering is a modern approach to software engineering to build applications that take full advantage of cloud computing. Cloud computing provides the tools to enable and empower innovation at scale.

At Deimos, we:

  • build with the cloud as a first-class citizen
  • build applications to deliver value quickly
  • ensure our solutions are properly architected following the well-architected framework.

Cloud-native engineering, however, brings on a new set of challenges and required evolution to the way applications are traditionally built with even more emphasis on automation, observability, security, and scalability.


Take advantage of our experience

At Deimos, our experience in developing world-class cloud-native systems has provided us with a lot of insight into developing applications that scale. This allied with our focus on delivering value above all else sets us apart – we go above and beyond to ensure that our partners have best-in-class support and solutions throughout the engagement period.

We follow cloud-first principles including:
  • Design for automation
  • Architect and be smart for state
  • We design all solutions to be cloud-first, with security as a first-class citizen
  • Continually architecting to stay on top of changes required in an evolving world
Other aspects of our approach include:

We don’t work in isolation nor do we “throw designs over the wall”. We always encourage collaboration in order to ensure the client and their teams can own the solutions built and do not have to infinitely rely on Deimos.


We work with your team closely to understand requirements – ensuring we have great insight into what your needs are and tailor solutions accordingly with those in mind. We also work with you to adapt your way of working with ours to ensure we both get fulfilment from the engagement with as little friction as possible.


Our engineers are certified Google Cloud Architects with a lot of experience architecting, developing, and maintaining high-volume, distributed cloud-native microservice systems. We believe and actively foster a high performing, a collaborative and mentoring culture where we educate, train and mentor all team members, whether they belong to Deimos or the client.


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Deimos combines our strong technical skills with an impeccable value driven approach to ensure that we work seamlessly with you and/or your teams to deliver solutions that are value focused above all else.

We’re Experienced

We are a team of world class engineers who understand what it takes to build cloud-native high-volume, distributed microservice solutions. These solutions are built with security baked in from the start.

Collaboration at the core!

Collaboration is an integral part of how we work and we ensure we work as closely as possible with you to understand your requirements and then tailor both the solution and our way of working to your organization.

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