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Observability is the practice of gaining insight into your environment. These insights can range from simple service monitors to the CPU and storage indicators on a server right down to response time of the individual calls being made by your microservices. Observability gives you data, rich and powerful data. This data allows you to make data driven decisions in so many different areas. You can use this information to identify bottlenecks in your platform and choose to re-architect certain components, improve performance and cloud spend by scaling up or scaling down your environment.

One of the most important reasons for a good Observability system is for support. Without access to your logs, metrics and traces, finding the root cause of an incident and resolving it within your SLA timeframe will be next to impossible.

Here at Deimos we treat Observability with the utmost respect. Observability is built into every aspect of each system we design and deployed by our Engineering teams.


How we do it best

Following a cloud first approach we incorporate observability, automation and security requirements into all of our systems.

We create reusable modules that all use to deploy faster, upgrade components easier and replace single components without the need for a full system upgrade.

Our Observability systems are backed by our partners, Grafana and Elastic while catering for the core pillars of observability. These pillars include logs, metrics, traces, dashboards and alerts.


How we can help you

Observability insights are at the heart of business decisions. Our offering will give you the valuable insight needed to identify security information such as DDoS attacks and how to mitigate them as well as accounts subjected to brute force attacks.

The cloud can be more cost effective than traditional self host and self bought hardware, as long as the cloud infrastructure is configured correctly. One mistake and costs can skyrocket and quickly get out of control. Our Observability offering gives you custom spend and usage reports which will allow you to make changes before the cost has a significant impact.

With a good understanding of your applications, we can build performance metric requirements into the release pipelines thus allowing us to rollback deployments that do not meet the company defined performance baseline. With a well defined Observability platform you will be able to identify what is happening on your infrastructure, from firewalls to storage accounts down to the calls being made between microservices in your kubernetes cluster. It is a case of when things break not if they break.

Our observability offerings are able to integrate with existing On-Call and Incident Management platforms of your choice. If you do not have an On-Call and Incident Management platform we can provision one that compliments your application and business requirements.


Why we’re the best fit for your business

Here at Deimos, we have adopted a cloud first approach. Not only do we adhere to industry standards and best practices but we improve upon them. We treat everything as code and our standards of work follow many principles from the software delivery life cycle. Reusable code and modules, security implemented at every stage and automation for consistency and reducing our time to market when delivering products and new features. We identify your golden path, the set of applications and business processes that are most important to you and make sure that this path is covered and linked to a well defined Service Level Agreement. Metrics and alerts are only as effective as the Incident Management platform and process they are associated with. Our Observability platform is built with Incident Management in mind with the aim to reduce your mean time to respond, reduce your mean time to resolve but also to provide you with the information required to identify the root cause of your incident.


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